Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Gazley Bridge

This is a cooperative project which is intended to be a developing historical account of the life of a true Texas hero, Doctor Thomas Jefferson Gazley, the first known settler of present day Smithville, Texas, at a time when Texas was still a part of Mexico. Just as his namesake bridge spanned the physical gap between his 1827 settlement, Gazley Prairie, and the ensuing 1895 town named Smithville, The Gazley Bridge is intended to span an informational gap regarding Dr. Gazley’s life, contributions, and achievements in Texas, by bringing a collection of historical facts into focus in a central location for future reference by interested individuals. Your factual additions and enhancement will be appreciated.

Thomas Jefferson Gazley

Medical Doctor

Pioneer Texian

Founding Settler of Smithville, Texas

Clerk to the Mexican ayuntamiento

Member of Committee for Safety and Vigilance

Physician in the Texas Army

Soldier in the War for Texas Independence

Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence

Legislator for the Republic of Texas

Attorney and Judge

Charter Grand Senior Warden of Masons in Texas

True Texas Hero